Smile Aesthetics

The smile aesthetics is to bring the person’s smile to the desired state by techniques such as zircon coatings, bonding, bleaching, gum operations, bridges, tooth length adjustment and lip shaping. Smile aesthetics of the person’s gums are normal, the teeth colors, cracks and fractures are corrected, the closure of the teeth is corrected to return to the normal state of the muscle. The smile aesthetics is made by the doctor by examining every detail of the face, skin color, teeth and lips. Problems in oral health can be corrected in several sessions and a successful study can be demonstrated. It is very important that the teeth and gums are in harmony in the smile aesthetics. It is ideal for them to appear at a certain rate during the smile.

In women, the front two teeth a little longer, men’s teeth homogeneous distribution, with the support of the teeth cheeks can be more aesthetic and healthier teeth can be. Thanks to computer-aided smile programs, you can see how your smile is in harmony with your face without any prior action. A smile aesthetics to be made correctly is determined by the doctor and the patient by common decisions.


The smile aesthetics can be extended to a longer period depending on the person’s preferences and can be completed in a shorter time. In the first stage, the person begins to be informed about his / her own structure and dental health. Anything that the person is not aware of or is aware of until that day is evaluated and informed. The closure problems in the teeth or the serious problems that may be caused by gum problems are discussed. Taking these into consideration, a correct planning is made and a treatment plan is made for both the desired appearance and improvement. If the problems in the person cover only the teeth and gums, the results are taken in a few weeks. If orthodontic treatment or operation is required, they may take more than 6 months to complete.