Zirconium Tooth

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It is a white alloy used in place of gray metal, which is the substructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses.

Where are zirconium tooth used?
For the more aesthetic purposes, in advanced colorations, which cannot be concluded with methods such as whitening, in the treatment of hereditary structure colorations, in the restoration of tooth with discrete or poorly distorted tooth, diastema such as diastema where the orthodontic treatment is not preferred, old tooth filled with color and structure deteriorated, It can be used as a bridge or coating on tooth, on the front group of implanted prosthesis and to regulate smile aesthetics.

What are the advantages of zirconium in terms of aesthetics?
Thanks to its light transmittance feature, the image of natural tooth is fully captured. The enamel of the healthy tooth completely passes the light. Metals, which are the substructures of classical porcelain coatings, create an opaque appearance on the tooth. This causes the tooth to appear lifeless and artificial. This was prevented by zirconium.

What is the harmony of zirconium tooth with my tooth?
It is a tissue compatible material. The color of the tooth in the neck of the tooth seen in metal-supported prostheses never occurs. It doesn’t cause gingival recession. If the gum is pulled from reasons such as wrong brushing, it does not create an aesthetically bad image.

Is it applicable to people with allergy to metal?
Zirconium coatings do not contain metal in the content of the metal does not cause any allergies.

Does it cause taste changes and odor in my mouth?
It does not cause any taste change because it does not contain metal content nor does it cause odor.

Do zirconium tooth change color in the future?
Smooth and slippery porcelain surface does not cause plaque build-up. For this reason, coffee tea is not affected by colorants such as cigarettes. The color remains constant.

How do I maintain zirconium coatings?
The tooth are brushed like normal toothbrushes. For dental floss and toothless areas, superfloss is used. Once every 6 months, the physician’s controls are regularly monitored and measures are taken.

How long can I use zirconium coatings?
Regular checks can be used for many years. There is no clear time as long as that. The tooth are live tissues and over time, shape changes are observed due to wear and tear. No change in zirconium coatings. It may be desirable to renew this form to adapt to the changed mouth.

Is removal removed when I want to change the tooth?
Zirconium coatings are cut out and you will not feel any discomfort. Does not cause tissue loss in the tooth.

How are zirconium coatings applied?
As in the case of tooth-metal-supported coatings, some size is reduced and when the gums are in a healthy state, a precise measure is taken with special size items and spoons that are suitable for the mouth. Zirconium substructure and porcelain upper structure are processed in laboratory environment and adapted to the tooth in the laboratory. Finally, it is permanently adapted to the tooth with special adhesives. Now you can use it easily without distinguishing it from your own tooth.

How much loss of material is lost in my tooth during the procedure?
Substance loss is more than porcelain laminate. It is the same as metal-backed porcelain coatings. A normal shear surface is made between 1-2mm.

Do I feel pain during procedures?
Cutting operations are carried out under local anesthesia and then a temporary coating of tooth color, preventing hot and cold whining. A slight tingling occurs in a small part of the patients and the process is completed without any problems.

Am I experiencing an aesthetic problem during treatment?
Temporary coatings, especially on the front tooth, will be similar in shape to your permanent zirconium coatings. These coatings made of acrylic as material are resistant to force but will satisfy you enough as color matching and shape.

How long does this aesthetic dentistry practice result in treatment?
The procedure is completed within 1 week in patients with smooth gums. Depending on the patient’s taste, a few rehearsals can be added until physician and patient are satisfied with both sides.

Is there any age of this esthetic dentistry practice?
Zirconium coatings can be treated at any age after the permanent tooth are maintained. However, treatments carried out until the age of 18-20 need to be renewed frequently since there are intermittent jaw growth. So it is not recommended.

How durable is it compared to porcelain and metal?
Zirconium crowns and bridges are as durable as the metal substructure crowns and bridges. Less fragility than porcelain. Compared to metal, the less the amount of flexion is the less brittle. This ensures that porcelain is better adapted to zirconium and metal. As a result, it minimizes porcelain fractures.

Is fracture or zirconium deposition often seen?
An inverse and excessive force fracture may be cracked, but this is almost the same as the probability of a rupture of the intact tooth. It can be repaired in a wide range of clinical settings. If the tooth under the coating begins to decay over time and there is a loss of matter, it may fall. In such cases, the tooth is treated if possible and the coating is glued again.

Are there any disadvantages of zirconium coatings?
Long toothless intervals are not recommended as the possibility of fracture in the rear areas will increase.

Can zirconium tooth be applied to patients with gum disease?
First of all, gum disease is removed. After the treatment of gum disease zirconium tooth can be applied.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Need More Support?” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left”][vc_single_image][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]More help and support you like to receive information? Our assistants are at your disposal to answer all your questions throughout the day.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”Contact Us” color=”info”][/vc_column][/vc_row]